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The first time I saw my feisty angel across the dance floor, I knew she was the one for me. Cristiana swayed her hips so divinely, that even at seventeen, I’d have promised to treasure her forever, to become a human shield for her if I had to.


That’s what a guardian would do for his angel, and I’ve always been the protector.


But life had other plans.


When a second chance with Cristiana arises, I take full advantage. I make a promise to stop at nothing to be with her.


But promises can be hard to keep.  


The first time I saw my hermoso devil walk across the parking lot, it terrified me to think he could be the one. Noah’s protective ways thrilled me as much as my dancing, but fear told me he’d get in the way of my dream career.


So, I did what any scared dancer would do.


I pushed him away and danced the other direction.


Now that we have a second chance, I won't let him break away. I promise myself I won’t be the one to back off.


But promises are sometimes broken.

Oooooooh the angst. The back and forth. The trials of their love. I couldn’t get enough.

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