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Professional Baseball Player.  


That was my five-year-old self’s dream.


I was lucky enough to make that dream a reality. The catch? I had to leave my college life, my love, and my past in the dust to join the major leagues, but I never forgot her. I just couldn’t. Believe me, I tried.  


Now I have been painfully awakened from my lifelong dream into my worst nightmare. And who is there with promises to get me back on the field?  


The girl I left behind.  


She’s even more beautiful than I remember, but she’s still just as feisty.


Will she help me recapture my dream?  


The real question is… now that she’s here, how badly do I want it back?

I'm a total sucker for second chance, friends-to-lovers and sports romance. And this book has it all. I LOVED it!!! 

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