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Since my husband’s death, life hasn’t exactly been roses and cupcakes. I’ve barely existed for the past few years, looking up from the bottom of the grief pit I created after losing him. He’s gone. My friends abandoned me. I can hardly keep it together, but I do…for our daughter.

When I run into Michael, a guy from work who seems to be living in his own pit of despair, we forge a friendship, making our pits seem shallower and life worth living again.

He found my smile.  

He awakened my fun side.  

If I’m not careful, he’ll awaken… other parts of me, except I need him to remain just a friend. I still feel like I’m married. Plus, losing someone else will destroy me. My heart says “Access Denied,” but Michael is a security expert who can hack into any secure facility.  

With Michael around, more might be at risk than just my heart.

I loved this book and especially Sarah and Michael's journey! It was EPICALLY realistic and I can't recommend this one strongly enough! I WILL say, you're gonna need your RSK (Romance Survival Kit...tissues, change of panties and alcoholic beverage of choice) for this one! Ms. Leaf does NOT disappoint in any way and I can't WAIT for the next book in this series!!!

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