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The media still paints me as KaeKae, the party girl, but I’m determined to change that image. On my way to New Orleans with a sound business idea, I will try one last time to impress my hotel-mogul father. I never expect to meet the perfect guy on the plane, and bonus, he doesn’t know who I am. Not only is he stunningly handsome, but he’s smart, funny, successful, and he gets my all obscure references. Oh, and he smells good, too.  


He also just happens to be on his way home to propose to his girlfriend.


Ugh.  Just my luck.




God, this woman…why did I meet her today of all days? There’s something so right about her. However, my grandmother’s ring is in my pocket, and I’ve made an elaborate plan to give it to another. I’m forced to let her go so I can stick to the plan.


What do they say about the best laid plans?  


Awry? Try complete chaos.  


If I find her again, I won’t let her go.  


If only I knew who she was.

This is another hit out of the park for Robin Leaf.

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