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I’ll admit we didn’t get off on the right foot. She caught me dancing on the job. Then, she caught her boyfriend in a… let’s call it a compromising position with a tattoo client. My effort to diffuse the situation probably looked like I was choosing his side, and when I gave a questionable compliment, I may have made a bad situation worse.

My social ineptitude aside, I think Jasmine is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.  


Yeah, she doesn’t like me much, but the time comes when she does need me.  


I’ll admit I’m not a typical hero. I don’t go on military missions, run into burning buildings, or shoot enemies from far away – well, unless video games count. My weapon of choice is my laptop’s keyboard. Unfortunately, girls don’t flock to the quirky guy with ADHD and three post-grad degrees.  


However, this girl doesn’t need the stereotypical hero. She needs me and my skills. I find I want to be her hero. I want to rescue her from all the bad things that have happened in her world and lay the future at her feet. I just have to convince her to trust me, especially since her life just might depend on it.

Can we please give books more than 5 stars? This one deserves ten. It is filled with not just a great romance, but humor, mystery, great characters, and an epic plot line that will have you saying "Just one more chapter" until you realize you have finished the book.

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